Enabling Rec. Playback audio recording device on a Dell M6600

I wanted to pull a snippet of audio from a video I was watching in my browser to send to someone, but couldn’t find a suitable recording device listed to allow me to do this easily. A lot of sound cards support this feature and will have a recording device called Stereo Mix, or Rec. Playback, or Record What You Hear, or something similar. Using the device allows a program to record any audio that is playing on the machine. After a bit of head scratching and some googling, it became apparent that the features you are allowed to use are determined by the drivers that ship with the machine.

The Dell M6600 has an IDT High Definition Audio CODEC sound card. There is a basic driver, provided by Microsoft, that gets installed automatically when installing Windows 7. This driver does not allow access to the Rec. Playback device that is available on the sound card.

A look on the dell support website did not turn up any results, at first. For some reason known only to Dell they don’t list any audio drivers unless you scroll down and choose the option to browse all available drivers for the M6600. Then an Audio category appears in the list, with a link to a page that provides a driver by IDT.


I downloaded the driver, installed it, rebooted, and then Rec. Playback appeared as a recording device.